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A 4-Week Long Transformational Course led by Mel Robbins

Reinvent yourself and create the next chapter of your life.


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Join thousands of people around the world who have transformed their lives with this award-winning course. 

The Power of You teaches you how to rediscover your confidence and gives you the courage to create the next chapter of your life. Whether you need to redefine your career, tackle your health goals or completely reinvent yourself...

I created this course for YOU. 

The Power of You is a simple mix of self-guided lessons and live trainings with me, that’ll give you the inspiration and motivation to change and deliver powerful and proven results in just four weeks. 

I haven’t taught the Power of You in nearly two years, and this time I am both teaching and taking the course with you! 

So DO NOT wait to sign up!


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The Power of You is closed for registration. If you'd like to know when Mel's next course launches, use the form below to sign up for the waitlist. Thank you for your interest in the Power of You! 

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This course is a mix of self-guided and live coaching and won't be offered again until Fall 2020. If you're interested, don't wait to sign up!









The most important project you can work on in life is yourself. And here's what some of our 3,000 students had to say about how POWER OF YOU changed their life...

Testimonials from Power of You Alumni

Over 3,000 students have taken the Power of You. See what they have to say about the results they've seen in their lives!


"Before I took the POY course, I suffered from perfectionism for years. Thanks to this amazing course I’m now a recovering perfectionist. Now, I have the confidence and the courage to live every day my best day. It’s so awesome!"


"This literally changed the life of a procrastinator forever in the best possible way! Through taking the course I found strength and courage through Mel's teaching."


"The Power Of You course has been instrumental in moving me forward into the life I want for myself and the impact I want to have on the world. Through the wisdom and practical tools shared by Mel I have taken consistent action, busted through fears and procrastination, and made more progress towards my goals than I ever would have on my own. Thank you!"

"The Power of You inspired me and gave me tools and ideas as well as strategic planning in order to move forward and achieve my goals! I am grateful to Mel and team!"


"I do not see myself as a 72 year old man who's growing older each day any longer but I do see a man, who, because of this course, looks forward to each day because I have goals to pursue. This course has given me the clarity, the inner wisdom, and the courage to deal with any health issues or any situation that may come my way because my confidence has grown immensely. "


"I had my first solo concert yesterday since taking the POY course, in Vienna! I can safely say, I felt like a different person and artist all together. My clarity, courage, and confidence were on such a high level. The best thing is I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg of how much more I can grow–thank you Mel and all of you for this awakening."


What Do You Get When You Enroll?

The Power of You uses a 3-step approach to help you discover the clarity to make a decision, the courage to take action, and the confidence to believe in yourself.

Get Coached

Kick off begins on June 3rd with an exclusive LIVE welcome and training from Mel. You will have five additional live group coaching sessions with Mel throughout the course where you can ask questions and get live feedback. Times of the trainings are staggered to account for global time zones. You can see when they are on our FAQ Page here. 

Get Clarity

The first phase of the course is self-guided coaching videos and science-backed lessons in your workbook and live trainings with Mel. Plus, you have the weekends to catch up on anything you may have missed. And by the third week in June, you’ll have created a Personal Roadmap of exactly what you can do to improve your life!

Get Community

In the final phase we start “Personal Project Week!" You’ll implement everything you’ve learned in the course and work step-by-step with Mel and a global student body to put this new knowledge into action. Your personal project is to create your next chapter. You’ll leave the course with clarity and in action having built the momentum, confidence and courage you need to change your life.

Included in the Power of You

When you join the Power of You, you'll receive...

A four week transformational coaching experience with Mel Robbins.

Six Live Group Coaching Sessions with Mel

Three weeks of guided Video Modules that come with  a 48-Page Companion Workbook and daily email instructions.

A 7 day step-by-step “Personal Project Week” guiding you through the process of creating your next chapter.


"I have spent years trying to build a social media platform for my education platform with no success. We went live with our first promo yesterday and had over 11k that saw it and 5.5K that watched it. I am truly amazed. Great things are coming. Thank you Mel–I never would have had the courage and clarity to make this jump before POY."


"The Power of You course has been the best investment I have made in myself. One of the things I learned, that I found the most constructive, is to listen to myself and get in touch with my true feelings. For years, I tuned myself out, going along with what others wanted.  Slowly but steadily, I’m learning to change my old patterns and habits. The Power of You is a life changing experience for me."


"This course has helped me live my life according to what brings me alive and not what others believe. It has increased my confidence and I have won a couple of competitions that will help with starting my own business! Thanks to Mel and the POY team."

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About Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is the most booked female speaker in the world, an international best-selling author, creator and host of three #1 audiobooks on Audible and the co-founder and CEO of 143 Studios, a digital media company that produces content in partnership with Fortune 500 brands. And most recently, Mel is the host of the syndicated daytime talk show, The Mel Robbins Show

Mel Robbins is the best-selling author of the 5 Second Rule and the host of the advice talkshow, The Mel Robbins Show, which airs every weekday on TV across America. She’s one of the most in-demand speakers in the world and the creator and host of three #1 audiobooks on Audible. More than 540,000 students have taken her online courses. Mel’s TED talk has 22 million views and she inspires more than 2.5 million followers on social media every day. Her books have been translated into 32 languages. If you are looking for no-BS, proven results, Mel is your gal.