How to Finally Step Forward into Your Full Potential With Confidence

Watch the Video Below, Discover What Really Matters, Develop Confident Clarity, and Learn Where to Find Courage You Need to Take Action.


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It’s Easy to Think “I’m the Only One Searching for Answers.”

But you’re not. Millions of people are. We all are. We’re all searching for the one thing that’s “made for us” to do.

We’re all looking for the one moment that tells us—that gut feeling—where we know everything is right for you, everything will go right for you, everything from this moment forward was just for you.

Let’s call these feelings the “answers” to all those second-guessing questions you have.

  • Am I Doing the Right Thing?
  • Am I On the Right Path in My Career?
  • Is This the Right Relationship for Me?
  • Do I Even Have a Passion?
  • Will I Ever Find What (or WHO) it is I Love?
  • Where Can I Find Confidence?

It’s easy to think that YOU are the only one who has these questions.

But I have them all the time.

The most successful people in the world have them all the time.

It’s the “You Know It’s Right for YOU” Feeling We All Want.

But in today’s world, it’s becoming harder and harder to find.

Here’s what’s crazy (really crazy when you think about it) …

Deep within yourself you know when something is “right for you.”

It’s a trait we all have (it’s actually part of our biology—that’s something I’ll tell you more about inside the online experience featured below).

It’s a deeper connection we can build with ourselves that’s used to identify:

  • What we want from life.
  • What will make us fulfilled.
  • What will satisfy our search for more.
  • What is ours and ours alone.

This connection starts with clarity, includes confidence, and requires courage. Before I explain why, let’s name this connection: The Power of YOU.

Let’s Call it “The Power of YOU.”

It’s the feeling you have when you find clarity of purpose, when you are confident that you’re following your passions, when you believe in yourself and have the courage to take action.

It’s the most amazing feeling in the world because it allows you to step right into uncertainty, speak when you know you need to be heard, and take action at vital moments.

The Power of YOU gives you the ability to walk right into the flames of life, get what you want, and walk back out not only satisfied, but completely unscathed.

Is this the Power You’ve Been Looking For?

Just Ask Yourself:

Do You Wish You Had the Clarity to Make Important Decisions with Ease?

Our lifetimes are limited. The time we have to act on what we love and what we are passionate about shortens every day.

But do you have the clarity to know what it is that you want from life?

You can find it if you learn to unleash The Power of YOU.

Have You Ever Hoped for the Courage to Chase Your Dreams?

Even if you know exactly what you want from life, do you have the courage you need to move forward?

Few of us have the courage required to chase our dreams.

Knowing what you want is one thing. Having the courage to chase it is another. And that’s why courage is the most powerful thing in the world.

The Power of You helps you find both clarity (what you want) and courage (the force you need to go get it).

Do You Lack the Confidence Required to Believe in Yourself?   

If you are not controlling your own future, someone else is.

But to take hold of your life and gain control, you have to have confidence in yourself.

Once you find what you want (clarity) and after you know how to use your inner courage to get it, you still need to be confident that your path is the right path.

If you unlock The Power of YOU, you’ll be amazed by the confidence you already have hiding within you.

Let me help you find The Power of YOU.

What is The Power of You?

It's a live coaching experience that gives you the tools to unlock your greatest self–and the accountability to make that change happen.

In this program, you will...

Develop the SKILL Of Courage

Along the way, I’ll work with you in lessons and online LIVE group coaching sessions to help you develop the essential skill of courage.

You’ll learn why courage isn’t what you think it is at all, the “courage lie” you’ve been told, and how you can step out on the stage of life like a Rockstar and “own” every day.

Finally Find Inner Wisdom

I truly believe everyone has inner wisdom just waiting to be unlocked and unleashed upon the world.

We’ll define inner wisdom. No, not in just a mystical “Woo Woo” way, but with a grounded in science definition you can feel and see in action—both in your life and in research.

Your wisdom is actually hardwired into your body.

You’ll just be learning (and experiencing) how to unlock it and use it.

Learn to Use Your Clarity Gauge

Every day I use a Clarity Gauge I created to instantly make everything in life clear.

I’ll show you how to use this gauge.

You’ll use it to make powerful decisions, to know if the decisions you are making are the best decisions for you, and to pull away from the confusion of our fast-paced world and focus in on what really matters to you.

Know “Why You Are Here”

You’re also going to learn—without a doubt—why you are here.

We all have a purpose. We just have to find it.

Using the tools I’ll share with you and show you how to experience in your life, you’ll develop a complete understanding of why you are here—living—and how you can not only know, but go get what you want from life.

Create a Plan for Your Future

Thousands of audiences and millions of people all over the world have heard me speak and share the knowledge I’ll give you during this course.

But what they haven’t experienced is the plan you’ll use to turn all of the knowledge I’ll share into reality.

Knowledge is helpful. Information is important.

But an action plan—like the one you’ll create over the span of 4 weeks at the end of this course—is absolutely invaluable.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to turn the advice I’ll share with you into an actionable plan for your future.

I’ll show you how to create it (and what you need to know to create it) and how to use it.


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To be put on the waitlist for the Spring/Summer 2018 course, please sign up here. Registration opens March 29, 2018.

How Does This Course Work?

The Power of You uses a 3-step approach to help you discover the clarity to make a decision, the courage to take action, and the confidence to believe in yourself.

Get Clarity

The program begins with three weeks of daily coaching videos and science-backed lessons. By the end of the three weeks, you will have created a Personal Roadmap of exactly what you can do to improve your life.

Get a Push

As soon as you finish creating your Personal Roadmap, it's time for 4 weeks of live implementation coaching. Daily videos and weekly calls will hold you accountable to taking action and making real progress.

Get Support

Join a tight-knit and supportive community that will keep you accountable in reaching your goals. Get unprecedented access to myself and my team. Exclusive community surprises are coming for the 2018 course!

Who is The Power of You for?

Anyone who is looking to achieve one or many of these things:

Make real change

Build confidence and courage

Discover your passions

Conquer anxiety

Deepen your relationships

Increase inner peace

Become the happiest you

Achieve work/life balance

Grow your business

Start a business

Become more productive

Add more fun to your life

Stop procrastinating

Get unstuck

Quit drinking or smoking

Get in shape

Lose weight

Find a supportive community

Get a new job

Increase self-compassion

Beat fear



From April 9th to April 29th, you will receive a new video lesson in your inbox each day.

These lessons, grounded in science, are designed to help you find clarity, tap into your inner wisdom, and create your Personal Roadmap.

I will take you, step by step, through the process of discovering what is holding you back and then give you the tools that you need to make real and lasting change in your life.

Through the lessons, you will find the clarity to make important decisions, the courage to chase your dreams, and the confidence required to believe in yourself.



Each lesson has a corresponding exercise that you will complete in your 55-page workbook. Throughout the lessons, you will focus on having a breakthrough in each of these four areas:

  • Work and money
  • Love and relationships
  • Fun and happiness
  • Physical and mental health

Expect the lessons and exercises to push you to uncover your inner greatness and start taking courageous action. 


After 3 weeks of daily video and workbook lessons, you will have created your new Personal Roadmap.

However, having a Roadmap means nothing if you don't take real action on the things that you need to do the most.

And, without a push, it's incredibly hard to get yourself to make real changes.

This is where the Live Implementation Program comes in. Over the course of the next 4 weeks, you will receive daily coaching and encouragement. 

Once a week, I'll lead a group coaching call, and each day, I'll send out a video (responding to your questions and comments) to give you a daily push. 

You'll also get 4 different Weekly Coaching Workbooks that are designed to help you map out your progress.


More than anything else in the Power of You course, my absolute favorite part of it is the Power of You community. 

You will be part of a supportive, tight-knit community that provides incredible amounts of encouragement, support, and love to each other.

This is a community filled with people who are all focused on their own growth and development–truly the most positive and uplifting group that I've ever been involved with.

We've also got an incredibly exciting surprise planned for the Spring/Summer 2018 Power of You class. Details to be revealed during the first week of the course!

The Power of You is 100% risk free.

There's a 30-day money back guarantee.

However, I want you to get what you came for. If you're reading this, right now, looking for a breakthrough, then I'm going to make sure that you'll have one.

As your coach, I'm not going to let you off easy. If you can show me, after 30 days, that you've completed all of the course lessons, started the coaching, and can say with a straight face that you haven't gotten anything out of the course–sure, you get a refund.

But you need to show me that you've tried.

Why? Because I know what kinds of transformations happen when you give this course your all. And you owe it to yourself to have that transformation.

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To be put on the waitlist for the Spring/Summer 2018 course, please sign up here. Registration opens March 29, 2018.





"Thanks for creating this Power of You community, the daily tips, and thanks for checking in and doing the work with us Mel. Best course I've taken."


"Thank you once again. This course was the best thing I have ever done. These are lessons that you cannot put a price on."


"This course has been life changing and I am so thankful to Mel and her team! If you have a chance to join in on the next one, do it! you will not regret it!"



"The Power of You course has been the best investment I have made in myself. One of the things I learned, that I found the most constructive, is to listen to myself and get in touch with my true feelings. For years, I tuned myself out, going along with what others wanted. I’m beginning to understand that people-pleasing takes many forms. Slowly but steadily, I’m learning to change my old patterns and habits. The Power of You is a life changing experience for me. Thanks Team Mel!"


"I can't thank Mel Robbins and her staff enough for putting together such an incredible course. When I started and once I completed I found my depleted areas and am proud to report. I am closing in on the last item. I have removed my debt, got a new job after 11 years, closed out relationships that were draining, traveled some. I plan on retaking the courses's just the beginning of a fantastic story! Mine. Thank you again. Truly grateful."


"The Power of YOU course and implementation have changed my life! Before, I was an overwhelmed mom, wife, and business owner. I constantly felt like I was not getting enough done and I was not giving enough attention to things and people that deserved it!! My mantra now is that I AM Peaceful and Productive. I am present with my kids and my husband, and my business is growing. This course gave me the tools to change my mindset, change my habits, and change my life. I am forever grateful."


"I have been a course junkie my whole life...I love learning and I have got to say that Mel Robbins and the Power of You course is my all time favorite! First of all, Mel is the real deal! She is open, honest and transparent. I felt like a part of her family from the beginning. The content is easy to consume but extremely powerful and I was finally able to take action in my business and personal life on things that I had a lot of fear and uncertainty around. I loved it so much that I'm restarting the course this month. I highly recommend you jump into the Power to You course, you will love it and you will get results!"


"The Power of You course really helped me focus on what was important to me. I needed clarity around work/life balance and to really focus on what was important. The support of the group was huge and being able to get input from people not involved in my life was life changing. POY slaps you in the face with reality and what you are not dealing with in your life. It is all about you and your choices. You make your own path and have ALL the accountability. Great, great course and would highly recommend it. "

Amy Jamieson

Jacque says:

"The Power Of You course has been instrumental in moving me forward into the life I want for myself and the impact I want to have on the world. Through the wisdom and practical tools shared by Mel, and the support of the Power Of You community, I have taken consistent action, busted through fears and procrastination, and made more progress towards my goals than I ever would have on my own. Thank you!"


"Best course ever... learned more than in my master's program. Thanks Mel!"


"The Power of You inspired me and gave me tools and ideas as well as strategic planning in order to move forward and achieve my goals! I am grateful to Mel and team!"


"It has helped me to discover my true self, inner power, be more compassionate to myself, and feel stronger and wiser about life. Love the course, love Mel and the whole team and PoY family!"

"The Power of You program has inspired me and helped reinforce my natural qualities and resources. I am so committed to designing and living a life that I will look back on it with great joy and appreciation. I have gain more clarity and consciousness about ME and how I want to bring forth my courage and confidence to speak up for the things I believe in. Fantastic and Authentic training and community. Time to step up and give back :-)"


"The Power of You course changed the relationship I have with myself, changed for the better my relationships with others, and increased my productivity and confidence. After participating in the program, I feel confident to try and act more, with more possibilities and new perspectives for the future. With Mel’s amazing communication skills during the weekly and monthly coaching sessions, and combined with the interactivity of the friendly online community, I know that everyone who participated undoubtedly moved forward and got a lot of new answers!"


"I wasn't going to sign up for POY because I'm already successful and much of it seems almost like common sense. I am SOOOOOO glad I did listen to my inner nudges to sign up! The small, yet INCREDIBLY powerful distinctions and nuances of Mel's teachings have made a huge difference in my life. My personal relationships are better (an important relationship in my life has been healed which by itself is really beautiful!) had a GIANT breakthrough in my business that has resulted in me having way more fun–and doing exactly what I want to be doing. Having Mel coaching us daily and working through her goals through the Implementation weeks has been the best! And what can I say about the POY community? I feel like I have found my tribe of loving, growing human beings on similar journeys to mine. I have made friendships to last a lifetime. Thank you Mel and team POY!"


"I joined the Power of You as soon as I heard about it. I read The 5 Second Rule a few months prior and fell in love with the rule and Mel's style. The opportunity to receive coaching from Mel was a no brainer. The Power of You helped drag me out of a cycle of procrastination. I found a renewed sense of passion for my business and now I'm so much more productive. It also gave me the courage to stop making excuses and start following my passion. Every area of my life has been positively affected by the Power of You!"


"What is the kicker for me in this Implementation Program that sets it apart from the dozen others I've started, but never completed, is that you and your Team are ACTUALLY doing it with us. And because we are all human, we struggle with the exact same issues. So, knowing that you not only "get it", but you're facing the same moments of clarity as everyone else and calling yourself out on it, on a public forum, is so, so inspiring. We have these moments too, don't always upload them to the public. So, again Mel, thank you for designing this course and the price you offered it for. My Gratitude and Respect to you from Now till the End of Time. (A little melodramatic but it’s actually true) my love to YOU and your AMAZING TEAM. "


Greg says:

"The POWER of YOU Course with Mel Robbins has taken my business from jogging to a full sprint!

 I watched Mel Robbins speak in person at Success Live in Dallas April 2017. I made the decision in Dallas to walk away from a 37-year career working with the US Government and military and run my business full time.

I’d built my speaking business and book sales to a level that I was comfortable moving forward as a 100% entrepreneur. I quickly realized after 60 days that I needed some mentorship to combine with my excitement and enthusiasm. Mel’s Power of You Course came at the perfect time for me! This one-on-one mentorship from Mel gave me the focus and tools I needed as a new entrepreneur. I walked away with a kit bag of tried and true tested strategies that I’ve put into action immediately.

Since the course ended I’ve booked 23 speaking engagements in seven states and three countries. My book sales increased 40% and I’m 80% through my second book. My networking skills have gone off the chart and I’m networking with decision makers everyday. The difference!

One-on-one with one of the best trainers/speakers/authors in the world. Make the small investment and change your life now!



"Before I took the POY course, I suffered from perfectionism for years. Thanks to this amazing course & the incredible group, I’m now a recovering perfectionist. Now, I have the confidence and the courage to live every day my best day. It’s so awesome!!!"


"The Power of You is so influential because it is adaptable to every phase of your life. It's not for one type of person or one phase of your life. I love that you can work it when you have time, and can revisit it...and each time you get more out of it. It has renewed my belief in myself and I have more control and confidence because of it."


"This course has helped me live my life according to what brings me alive and not what others believe. It has increased my confidence and I have won a couple of competitions that will help with starting my own business! Thanks to Mel and the POY team."

"The Power of You program has changed me from this inside out. I did the work, I watched the videos, and I lived the life. Now to the good stuff, this course has awakened the inner person that has no anxiety, the person that never did fear anything, and lived life with deep enjoyment. I am bolder, I am more focused, I am just a better version of me. It has not made me someone I am not–a robot like everyone else. This course brought out my true self with the confidence I was born with and allowed the world to bury deep inside. My productivity is improved, I'm standing my ground on important issues in my personal life, and everyday I use what I learned to bring me closer to my goals. I cannot express enough how blessed I feel for being in the right place at the right time to have had this opportunity...thank you."


"What I loved about the POY course was I felt like I was receiving one-on-one coaching directly from Mel. I always felt as if Mel were speaking directly to me. Mel has an amazing ability to immediately connect with people! Mel's coaching along with the accountability that the group offered helped me to get clear on what I want from life after age 50. The implement aspect of the course got me working on my goals each day in a very simple and consistent fashion. "


"The Power Of You. It’s those 3 words there that says it all! Before I signed up for the course I had read the #5SecondRule and followed Mel on her social media. In a crazy, busy life that I have (which is the same for everyone) the last thing I wanted to do was another course! However it was the voice inside that said “you know what Jaynie, your crazy busy life needs some attention...and that attention is YOU! Do this course!” so 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 I signed up and one of the fabulous discoveries I have made is the most simplest…it is not a race! The Power of You is simple, easy to follow, and equally important it brings back the ‘YOU’ to ‘Me’! Thank YOU. "


"I came across Mel's book and finished listening via Audible in two evenings. In her newsletters is where I learned of the opportunity to take the Power of You course. I was unsure about the investment and totally found myself doing 5-4-3-2-1 and registering. I've bought other classes from others in the past and never finished them for some reason. I found Mel's authenticity and vulnerability spoke to me. The learning in the POY course was the passion in my life and right now still is. I was told by a friend that when I talk about something I got from a recent talk of hers that I light up and she can hear the passion in my voice. "


"I had two big projects for this course and did the work on both. I finished the draft of my goal tracker workbook and have a couple of people trialling it for me. I trained for a run. I also gave up alcohol for the month–nailed that too. This has been an epic month of my life. I've grown and realized so much more about myself and am ever so grateful for this wonderful community who are so full of love and encouragement. This month has been a big step towards a new way of living my life. Thank you to everyone who has helped with this journey, I could not have done this without you."


Anna says:

"Whew! End of the month is completed and it is only the first day of the new month. I used to procrastinate on the administrative part of my business and my life for the "action" of doing something or going somewhere.


  • I have begun writing a book I have been talking about for years.  
  • I have said yes to opportunities that stretch me, without hesitation.  
  • I laugh at and with myself. I find joy in everyday and love in every one.  
  • This is the most that I have used the word "I" in a document in years is the best "I" available for the benefit of myself and those I love and work with.  
  • I can look in the mirror and say, "You are a bit of alright Anna!"

The surprising part is that the more I approve of myself and my actions, the more compliments and opportunities come my way. So many other benefits..."



"I loved this course and I loved the opportunity to be right in it with Mel. It was so empowering to have her do the course right along with us. I love how actionable the course is, how straight forward it all is. It's really powerful.


"The Power of You course was the best thing I have ever done. I learned how to do projects and complete them. My biggest thing was to improve my health. I started working out and eating healthy in our 4 week implementation plan. I have continued to workout and eat healthy since the course ended."


"Your course has helped me put action behind my personal growth and I've developed an exciting, new and expanding network of friends."

"The Power of You Course with Mel Robbins is truly an extraordinary online course and totally worth the price! I know at first I wondered if I should spend the money, but I am so incredibly thankful that I listened to my inner wisdom and enrolled. The project I chose was weight loss and I've lost 15 pounds since June. Mel's advice was instrumental in my weight loss as she emphasized "small consistent decisions leads to big results." Mel's simple time management advice works and it helped me utilize my time for the most important things. I love that you can access her course anytime and her excellent insight helps in all areas of your life. Her "live" teachings are a huge bonus for the course as well. I truly can't say enough great things about this course!"


"I just did my taxes the other day, and when I added up all the "Professional Development" courses I'd paid for in 2016 it added up to over $3,000! Yikes! Some of them, I couldn't even remember buying, and most of them I hadn't gone past the first lesson, and that made me really sad. What a waste! This is the first course where I've actually felt motivated (and pushed!) to actually do the whole thing, and take ACTION. And I love that we will have the monthly coaching calls on an ongoing basis–to keep us accountable and motivated."


"I knew when I signed up for this course that I was going to develop my own clarity, courage, and confidence. What I didn't know was how much I was going to learn about myself, the truths about who I was. For so many years I have been driven by self-doubt and second guessing myself. I couldn't even make a decision at a restaurant so would order the same thing every time. I am learning to believe in myself and that will be key to so much growth."


"The Power of You Course has helped me do things that I feared to do. I was able to make a phone call to my father and have a conversation about our past. (I had been meaning to make the call for months. And the challenge came up to make a phone call that scared me. And I 5,4,3,2,1- called.) It was worth every minute of the conversation. I also established a morning routine that is completely focused on myself and creating positive energy for the day. And my fave- it's helped me do things for my upcoming business launch that I had been scared to do before. Like going live in my Facebook Page and putting myself out there even though the website is still in the works. Taking risks has become part of my habits. It's truly amazing."


"For years, I've read and listened to lots of personal development, and I have learned a lot from it. I've attended some events, which have also helped. But in spite of it all, I was still stuck. Mel Robbins' Power of You course is taught in such a way that I'm not becoming unstuck. It is simple and easy, and the support of the community is great. I highly recommend it!"



"The Power of You has given me effective, powerful tools I'm implementing, to make significant personal changes in my life. For decades, I've gotten in my own way when it comes to achieving goals I believe God has gifted me to achieve. Mel has exceptional insights into common self-sabotaging behaviors, and ways to overcome them–in community! I'm grateful! I feel as though Mel is one of my BFF's, even though I've never met her in person."


"The Power of You course has helped push me to make changes in my life, by taking small steps to help me reach my goals, so I can live the life of my dreams. I still have a lot of work to do, but I know with the tools that Mel and this course has introduced me to, that anything is possible!"


"Since beginning the POY program, I have joined a gym and have committed to/upheld a new exercise program, found clarity and completely changed my career so that my heart is guiding me, feel a sense of joy and confidence in life that I have never felt before. It's like a rebirth into who I truly am. Thank you again Mel Robbins and POY team!"

"The Power of You course has been one of the most impactful courses I have ever taken, for any reason. It has helped me believe that I can do anything I set my mind to and has given me the courage to start a new journey in life, at the age of 62. Part of gaining all of that courage led me to do a weekly Facebook Live event. Thanks Mel Robbins for proving you can teach an old dog new tricks!"


"I have done many programs over the years and I can honestly say that The Power of You course has been the most powerful group course I have ever participated in! This is certainly due to Mel’s authenticity and ability to convey the ideas and resources she is sharing in such a powerful authentic way. I respond to her energy, her realness, and enthusiasm for everyone in the course and her deep compassion. Mel is generously sharing an amazing amount of powerful content in this course that you can digest and listen to at your own pace, which was really helpful to me. This program is an amazing value! I believe this is Mel’s generosity that she is sharing this course at the price she is charging. It makes me feel that she truly cares about making a difference in as many people’s lives as possible to price this so reasonably."


"This literally changed the life of a procrastinator forever in the best possible way! I am not 100% converted but, I am happy Power of You-er in progress. Through taking the course I found strength and courage through Mel's teaching and through the community. As the weeks continued while we all completed the course, the heartbeat of the Power Of You community got stronger; through each first time ever video, through the following through of personal goals, and through the encouragement towards others to keep going, to be patient with the progress etc...I knew that this course was becoming bigger than all of us."


"I used to suffer with agoraphobia badly. Since overcoming it, I still have times when I relapse or stop myself from going out due to anxiety. The Power of YOU has helped me to dig deeper, not pay so much attention to my irrational thinking, and push myself :)"


"From being home alone with aging parents, 54, no idea how to put fun and adventure back into my life to now residing in Vietnam (from Australia) training to teach ESL! How did that happen? One 5 second decision at a time, with the voice of Mel Robbins on my shoulder! I was very very stuck, living a boring life with no idea what I could do to move forward. I watched Mel Robbins’ TED Talk, bought the The 5 Second Rule Audio, signed up for the daily success emails and was coached through a whole month to change my life, one 5 second decision at a time. I joined the Power of You course and found inspiration in sharing the journey. It was a very safe community to be courageous. I had NO IDEA at the time my project would become something completely out of left field, but it did. From nada to and exciting life in a foreign country doing what I love – teaching. I am feeling pretty awesome! 54321 Helped me make a massive change in my life. "



Debe says:

"I was stuck! The anxiety was overwhelming. Even with therapy, nothing seem to be able to help me with that! As a single mom, money is very tough. Already having two jobs and starting the third, anxiety and worthiness were not allowing me to be successful.

Then, I joined the Power of You course! Wow! This was life-changing! Not only did the course help me, I'm actually launching a blog September 1, but I am tackling anxiety head on! As I'm writing this, tears are streaming down my face! I'm not sure if Mel truly realizes the lives that she impacts! After spending years suffering, I just thought that anxiety was just something I had, and that is that! Her perspective of saying that it is a habit, that worrying is a habit, and habits can change! That was profound! There is a long path ahead of me, but I now have the right equipment to get me through it! And for that I am forever thankful!"


"It is the BEST group of people ever. Super supportive and loving and Mel is in there with us during the Implementation weeks pushing herself and us–it's AMAZING."


"This has been by far the best course I have ever taken and I have taken a lot of courses over the past 3 to 4 years. You are so humble and authentic Mel. Thank you so much for being you."


"This program has allowed me to take massive action in my new business, I've gained so much clarity that I no longer feel like I'm stuck, and I know other people in my life are going through the same thing. I have real results to show people. This course was amazing."

"Before joining this course I was in constant chase for something that would keep me motivated to move forward with life. And I did not want to go back to using depression, anxiety, panic-attack medications. Throughout the course I learned how to love myself. How to listen to my inner wisdom. And how to trust my gut. Right after finishing the course I began building an online business for myself. Another huge change was that I ended a depleting relationship which had been consuming all my energy for years. And opened space for a healthier, loving relationship that just started last weekend :) In the community, we shared so many heart touching stories. And we built a safe, trusting, and caring environment for personal growth. Participating in the Power Of You was the best decision I made."


"This group gave me direction and confidence to take action after being in a slump. I find Mel to be a refreshing leader in her field, always raw and real without the fluff. That, along with her perspective and 5-Second Rule model, inspired me to be comfortable being me and confident in my abilities because sometimes what we think are our weaknesses are actually our strengths in that they help empower others to understand that they don't need to strive for perfection in order to be successful. "


"During this course, I learned how to listen to that voice that I had buried with self-doubt and anxiety and step outside of my comfort zone with courage. In my implementation challenge, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and landed an interview for an amazing job that I had been dreaming about! The content of the course and access to Mel through the live Q&As alone will change your life, but the community group really took the course to a new level. It was filled with the most positive people on earth who were available essentially 24/7 to support you every minute of the day. I am so grateful for all the people in that group who gave advice, encouragement and support, and continue to do so! They have become my close friends even though they are all over the world. This course is the best thing I ever did. Period."


"The Power of You program and community has impacted my life more than I can say. With this program, I found the confidence within myself that I knew was buried deep inside of me just wanting to get out. Because of Mel and the Power of You community I smile when I look in the mirror, I walk with my head held high and with confidence, and I feel the strength in my voice and more importantly I feel it in my heart!! I know I am seeing the person that I was put on this earth to be and the one that my closest friends have always seen in me. For that Mel, I will not be able to thank you enough–I owe finding my spirit again to you!"


"How can I describe what this course has done for has made me aware of the great possibilities and opportunities that are already in front of me, ripe for the taking! Mel taught me that I make my destiny, that I am responsible for my own destiny and through that, I feel so empowered. Everything that you ever wanted for is within your reach. Not only have I gained the confidence and the tools to achieve my goals, the support system is extremely awesome! There's a sense of family as we support and watch each other grow in this process, and THAT is priceless!"

Hazel Saplala


"Listening to Mel for the first time really inspired me to accept that I have been in a comfort zone and not thriving to being the person I am capable of being. Which is what the POY class has provided. It is exactly the perfect combination of science and realness from the implementation to the support group and all the learning in between. Just awesome."


"This course has not only quite literally helped save my life–it's also helped me to find the courage and strength within myself to start my upward journey. I cannot thank Mel and the entire POY team enough for EVERYTHING you've all done."


"Having you in my life as my coach has been transformational! I just can leap to the other side of my fear now. Sometimes it's a long jump--sometimes, just a hop...but what I've learned from you has enabled me to bridge the gap after years of being stuck...on the far side of my goals and dreams. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Jennifer says:

Through participating in the course and being part of the online community, I have gained confidence and I am learning to trust my heart. One of the most uplifting recent examples is that I finally had the clarity and courage to reach out to a good friend of mine and reconcile after many years. I felt so relieved and so full of gratitude after finally reconnecting. It was very powerful, and I proved to myself undeniably that I trust my heart.

I have also benefitted from establishing a consistent morning routine of reflection and priority setting. I have started to see that the connections I am building, the love I want to share, the things I want to create, these are really beautiful things. It is so worth the effort  to identify my highest priorities and overcome hesitation!  

I have so many more examples from the past three months, too many to describe here.  I love you, Mel and every one of you on the team. Thank you so much for sharing everything you know to help people reach their dreams. I am also grateful for the support of the online community, which has been invaluable. It has been a surprise and a delight to have all of these new friends in the POY community.


"The course has helped me by helping me improve my attitude. My proof is this: the new skills I learned improved my Emotional Quotient ten points (from 62 to 72) in a month."


"Thank you to Mel, her team and this amazing group. It has been the perfect push that I've needed to get me through these next several months of massive change."


"The Power of You helped me to wake up to becoming that great force of change that shakes the world. I claimed my power!!!"

Shane says:

"I am now connected to over 1200 like minded people from around the world that are a source of positive energy, inspiration, love, and true support. These people were strangers in May, and in a lot of ways have become more close in the last few months than other friends in my life that I have known for years. Note: This picture is from a meetup of 25 POY Alumni.

The support and coaching from Mel as well as the safe environment of the class has given me the courage to stand up for myself, leave my toxic work environment, re-launch my private wellness practice at higher rates, and get me started on publishing my first book in a subject TOTALLY unrelated to my job or current career path.

I have also learned about self love, boundary setting, confidence, courage and clarity."


"I signed up for this course not knowing what to expect however I didn't hesitate at the price or the amount of time, I- 54321 and did it. It was a wonderful experience. I absolutely love Mel Robbins and her expertise is spot on. The cognitive therapy and strategies Mel uses really work, it's amazing how simple things can be."


"This course has been the most amazing supportive, caring, and loving community to bring out the power of me. I had all the tools I need to achieve the greatest version of myself sitting there–I just needed to learn to tell myself a different story. I would recommend this course to all my friends."


"The Power Of You is unlike any course I have ever purchased! This course changed my life personally and professional. Not only did I learn the techniques to identify my strengths and weaknesses, but I was given the tangible tools in order accelerate and improve upon them. Without this course, I would have never gained the clarity and courage to take action and mend my relationship with my mother."

"I had my first solo concert yesterday since taking the POY course, in Vienna! I can safely say, I felt like a different person and artist all together. My Clarity, Courage, and Confidence were on such a high level. The best thing is I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg of how much more I can grow–thank you Mel and all of you for this awakening."


"I wish I had more than a couple of lines to say just how much the Power of You course has changed my life. The course LITERALLY changed everything in my life from my career to my relationships with my family, friends, and most importantly myself. I am no longer swimming in my own head full of ideas–I'm taking action everyday, even when it’s scary. I've grown a small business, left a stressful job, and reconnected with my kids on a deeper level. I'm even waking up early, which is something I never thought I'd do. I just 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and jump out of bed to start my day. To all of you, my sincerest appreciation for developing this community. I'm not afraid to share ideas in our group and I feel 100% supported. This course has restored my faith in people and I can't wait to share it with the next group."


"Mel, I discovered that your welcoming presence, the comforting tone of your voice, your willingness to share and overcome your own human flaws and your heartfelt, straightforward words brings me clarity and gives me courage. You inspire me to not hold myself back with negative self-talk and just try and try again on my next chapters. Thank you for being a blessing to to me and to so many people!"


"The Power of You has helped me immensely to take action with clarity and courage. I love the 5-4-3-2-1 tool and it is a great psychological tool with vast, positive implications! I am making great progress on my goals, and it feels so great and I owe it to POY."


"Mel's POY course is nothing short of miraculous–and the busting Self Doubt post was nothing short of FABULOUS!!!!! Teachings we don't seem to find ahead of time but really have deep meaning when you face a big fat hairy scary life situation. Turning the tables of FEAR & going into ACTION–Priceless!!!! Many blessings to Mel & her team for all they do–and the beautiful ripple effects are seen right here."



"This course has inspired me to take action beyond what I thought I could do and my business is already taking off! My attitude has improved and my coaching ability has greatly improved by using several of the techniques I learned in The Power of You. This is not a game changer–it is a LIFE Changer! The sense of community that has been created is incredible."


"This course helped me focus on my goals and push me to do things one baby step at a time and to stay focused on my goals. I really appreciated Mel's authenticity and transparency. This is what really makes the course valuable!! Thank you for stepping out and taking a chance on this!! I appreciate your team!!"


"Being in POY has encouraged me to take massive action. I hired a coach and now I'm doing all the things I've been thinking about for a year or more. I started a FB group, I'm creating an online course and taking on 1-1 coaching clients. I had a bracelet made with 5,4,3,2,1 on it so I have a daily reminder to TAKE ACTION to get me to where I want to go."

Paula says:

"I could not have been more thrilled when I discovered there was a Power of You class being offered by Mel. I had already started using some of the information in the book, so I, 54321 ordered the POY program. It was very affordable and I felt this was going to be something that would move me to the next level in my business and give me the boldness to change other life situations I had not taken action on.

The program turned out to be more than I could have imagined due to Mel's sense of humor, and delightful personality, mixed with her deep commitment of adding value and getting things right. Being a POY member, I learned, not only more of what to do, but the science of why we do what we do. If students asked for more content, Mel took extra time on webinars, and with extra e-mails, to be sure we were able to use the 5 second rule in any situation of our life where we were blocking ourselves from taking action. People in this POY community linked arms to help each other as well. I have new life long friends, who support me, that I'd have never met, had I not been part of this class.

A few ways I have used this program, in just a short period of time (8 weeks): I have lost 15 pounds. I have also taken action to make my marriage happier by stopping the race of trying to get everything done each day and ending it feeling exhausted, to setting a "quitting work" time of day. We have also had some conversations I have been putting off, but just couldn't find a way to start. By 54321, "Hey we need to talk..."  I have also learned to tell a different story in my daily self talk and HOW to do it so I stick with it.

I could not be more grateful to Mel for all her incredible work. She cares about us and she will care about you too. The people you hang with and information you feed your mind are going to drive you forward to success, or drag you backwards. All the information on the planet won't help if you if you don't use it.

If you are interested in taking action in the areas of your life you have felt stuck, this class is for you. If you have ever felt like everyone out there is saying the same thing, and you still aren't getting going, this class is for you. If you have ever wished for things to be different, that someone would inspire you to move, you will love Mel's class. You will learn how to take the action to master your life."

"For the last 5 years, I went through a downward spiral in my life. Things weren't working out for me on the work front and my finances were in ruin. Three years ago my son asked me if could invite a few of his friends over for his birthday. I didn't even have £100 to cover the cost of his party. I was that broke–completely dry of funds. My credit cards were maxed out and my credit rating as bad as it could be. It was at the point I broke down in tears. I knew I had to change my life drastically. Since then I enrolled onto the Power of You course and it's helped me to change my life for good. I'm more focused, I've got my mojo back and I'm back in the driving seat with regards to my finances. It's as though Mel sits on my shoulder whispering the 5 Second Rule anytime I over think something or even attempt to procrastinate. I love Mel's style of delivery and I love the fact that the 5 Second Rule is stupidly simple yet incredibly powerful, and I love the great team you have there. So thank you for turning my life around Mel."


"I do not see myself as a 72 year old man who's growing older each day any longer but I do see a man, who, because of this course, looks forward to each day because I have goals to pursue. This course has given me the clarity, the inner wisdom, and the courage to deal with any health issues or any situation that may come my way because my confidence has grown immensely. I am now writing a book that I always wanted to write for years. I will finish this book because of all the people that encourage me and inspire me in the power of you group community. I won't allow procrastination to continue to hinder me any longer. I am retired but I still procrastinated and made excuses but through this course I learned that I no longer want to waste any more time."


"Mel's "The Power of You" course came to me at the perfect moment as I was searching for the inner strength to face the most difficult time in my life. POY allowed me to set attainable goals for myself, set myself up for success, and take small steps towards progress of just one goal. As a result, I was able to get control of my musical theater academy's production inventory, move it out of my house, and create an organized system that I hope will bring me rental or sales opportunities in the future. I also started a professional blog, expanded my website and have taken steps towards expanding my business by finally going after a contact that I've been trying to get for more than 2 years in order to enter a new market. The course made me feel supported every step along the way. It gave me a formula, but I was responsible for putting the action into the formula in order to get the results I desired. I will be continuing to apply what I learned throughout the course and implementing the habits that I formed as a result. "


"It is hard to go a day without telling a friend about the 5 Second Rule or Power of You. Power of You created a pathway to clarity so I could take action through everyday acts of courage. About a year and a half ago I took a bold leap, co-founding a business with my husband of 21 years, around one of the most taboo topics... relationships, sex, pleasure, and the female orgasm. One thing I do in my business is support women to release the old stories they have around their bodies, self worth, pleasure, and sexuality. POY gave me the ability to let go of a very OLD story I had around my "ENOUGHness" enough, good enough, etc. I implemented the POY program by setting a goal to break limitations around my physical and mental strength. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area became my 45th birthday destination, on the Wild and Wise Leadership Retreat. I am a badass, a leader, change maker and ready to share my knowledge and mastery in the field of human sexual potential. I now share the 5 Second Rule with women I coach and praise The Power of You every chance I get."


"Me: Nurse with mild anxiety, scared to socialize, lost numerous work opportunities in life including social opportunities. The Power of You helped me tremendously. Here's why: I'm building my confidence muscle everyday because I challenge myself everyday. I talk through difficult conversations and tell people how I feel. I greatly minimized seeking approval from people, now I just do what my gut instinct tells me to do and that's it. Negative self talk is also 5-4-3-2-1 and being replaced by positive thoughts and finding the best in people. I dared to ask for a big, I mean big raise at work and I got it! I even got a promotion at work and initiate meetings on my own with big honchos SOMETIMES I AMAZE MYSELF. Would I say this program was worth it?? Heck yes...I have spent thousands $$$ on other programs to build self confidence and I don't think they really helped me...Mel Robbins nailed it! I'm one happy dude here with work in progress!"


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